Explore The Most Beautiful Cenotes In Riviera Maya

cenote riviera maya

Cenotes are a system of underwater rivers consisting of more than 700 km explored caverns. 10 of the most sought-after cenotes in Riviera Maya are within a 20-minute drive from Playa Caribe. Read on to find out which of these amazing sites you want to visit during your stay.


Xcacel has a lovely beach, but it also has a small freshwater cenote a few hundred meters in the jungle. Follow the sign to Xcacel beach to locate this fun cenote. It is an open cenote that is best for swimming.


Great freshwater cenote for swimming and snorkeling. This is a little-known cenote that is used mainly by cave divers but swimmers and snorkelers are welcome.


This is an open, freshwater cenote that is great for snorkeling and swimming. The cenote is perfect for all ages. 


Make this cavern an all-day affair. The limestone formations and detailed decorations are spectacular. This is a swimming and snorkeling cenote that has lots of above-water supports for your day.

Kantun Chi

Kantun Chi Cenote is both an eco-park and a cenote. You can choose either activity when you visit. ​​This cenote is best experienced as a full or half-day excursion.


This cenote is truly a Garden of Eden and is great for swimming, snorkeling, and open water scuba courses. The cenote is closed on Saturdays as per the owners’ decision.

Manatee (Casa Cenote)

This is a very popular open cenote just steps from the Caribbean in Tankah Bay. Surrounded by mangroves, this cenote has both fresh and saltwater fish, and in days gone past manatees lived in this location.

Taj Mahal

Though it is a cavern dive and can be set up like a cavern tour through a local dive center, it is described as the closest to the cave dive an open water diver can experience.

Chac Mool 

This is a cenote with brackish water, a delicate mix of salt and freshwater that highlights the water density differences in a halocline. 

Dos Ojos 

This cenote is one of the most popular ones in the area for a good reason. Dos Ojos translated means ‘Two Eyes’. This cenote is part of a large cavern system and has two open water entrances. 

Make sure to pack a bathing suit, snorkel gear, a towel, and snacks. It is not unusual to pack a lunch and spend the entire day exploring the jungle and the water. If you do please, remember to bring any waste back with you to dispose of it properly. You’ll also want to bring some bug spray just in case you venture off the beaten path.

Contact guest services to plan an amazing day exploring Riviera Maya with us. Our experts are glad to help you find snorkel gear and car rentals during your stay.