Summer Fun in Akual

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A journey down Akumal road can lead to hours of fun snorkeling in Yal Ku Lagoon. A turn in the opposite direction will take you to downtown Akumal where you’ll find some of the best eateries, shops, day spas, and dive shops. Those looking to explore beyond the arch will find themselves only a short drive from refreshing cenotes, nature parks, and Maya ruins. Finding things to do during your stay is guaranteed though you may find yourself wanting to extend your stay to try them all. Have a look and take your pick!

Yal Ku Lagoon

During the warm summer months snorkeling in the clear waters of Yalku Lagoon surrounded by lush green mangroves is always a refreshing start for a great time on vacation. Bring snorkel gear, bathing suit, biodegradable sunscreen (sunscreen is not allowed in the lagoon), hat, towel, pesos for lunch, or bring your own picnic, water, and a change of clothes.

Plaza Ukana

A trip to Plaza Ukana in downtown Akumal has something for everyone! A day of wellness at Buddha Gardens Spa will surely reset your midframe with their full-body treatments. Kids of all ages love to visit Lucy’s Homemade Ice Cream while adults shop around for handcrafted Mexican souvenirs. Plaza Ukana is also the place to find some of the best seafood restaurants in town, like La Cueva del Pescador and La Taverna Akumal

Aktun Chen Eco-Park

This family-friendly Eco Park offers a family-friendly, excitement-filled tour including everything from cenote snorkeling to adrenaline-pumping zip line rides and even a wildlife zoo spread over 3 hectares of Yucatan Jungle. 

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary 

The Akumal Monkey Sanctuary is a haven for rescued primates and other animals in their habitat. The Sanctuary has a professional and very service-oriented staff that works hard to provide an excellent home to all of their rescued animals. The refuge is worth the drive, down the jungle road about 25 minutes for a great time to just enjoy the scenery. 

Maya Ruins 

Visiting the Maya Ruins from Akumal is an easy day trip to Tulum, Coba, and the famous Chichen Itza. If you’re lucky enough to have time to get away from the beach venture out to Uxmal, Palenque, or Kohunlich, these are also enchanting sites that will leave long-lasting memories.

Cenotes and Caves

Cenotes are a unique feature of the Yucatan Peninsula. The entrance to magical caverns and cave passages below the earth, cenotes are created when the ceiling of a cave collapses leaving what is sometimes known elsewhere as a sinkhole. When visiting a cenote we recommend that you take along your snorkel gear. The water is cool and perfectly clear. Playa Caribe wants you to make sure your vacation is a success so do contact our Concierge for tour reservations.