Visiting Akumal Bay

by Marianne

Guests staying in Playa Caribe will inevitably hear about swimming with sea turtles in Akumal Bay during their stay. This small beach town has been welcoming visitors since the late 1970s to enjoy one of the best beaches on the coast and an opportunity to snorkel with sea turtles. Due to the high demand, this small beachfront community has worked alongside local residents and businesses to ensure the safety of the bay, the resident sea turtles, and its visitors too.  

Akumal Bay is a popular destination and also a protected marine area so there is an allotted amount of people that can access the bay each day. That said, make sure you have a reservation with CEA, Lol-Ha, or either of the dive shops prior to your arrival to secure a spot.


Guests staying at Playa Caribe can walk, bike, ride a golf cart or drive to Akumal Bay. Pro Tip: If you're planning on having breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Lol-Ha parking is free!  The entrance to Lol-Ha is between the Oxxo and the Loncheria Akumalito. There are several parking lots before and after the arch be sure to use them. Cars parked roadside will block traffic when large delivery trucks and utility vehicles need to pass. 


There is a $100 pesos (that’s less than $5 USD) entrance fee to support the bay and gives visitors access to restrooms, showers, and a locker.  


The boat entrance to the bay used for divers is in the northern end of the bay and this is also where a lot of the resident sea turtles prefer, snorkelers must have a guide in this area.  


If you wish to swim without a snorkel guide you may walk to the southern end of the bay to swim freely. That said, remember to never touch or follow the sea turtles as this causes them unnecessary stress.  


Once you’ve arrived in Akumal make sure you take time to peruse the downtown area surrounding the arch. Here you’ll find a wide variety of shops, eateries and even a day-spa. 

Need more detailed directions on how to plan your upcoming visit to Akumal? Send us an email and our local experts will gladly show you the way.