What To Pack For Your Riviera Maya Vacation

Planning a vacation to Akumal is always a fun and exciting adventure. Especially, once you have secured your stay at Playa Caribe where you'll be able to just walk out the door and step into the Caribbean blue waters of Half Moon Bay. More often than not guests do forget to bring certain items that they may miss during their stay. Luckily, Akumal has plenty of stores where you may get chargers and other items as such but there are items like passports that you'll want to make sure you have with you on your way out. 

Here's a checklist of the items we recommend to bring with you to Akumal. 

  • Passport (mandatory) It is best if your passport expires in 6 or more months when traveling internationally. Keep safe while traveling.
  • Notarized note of permission (mandatory) if children under 18 are traveling without one or both parents.
  • Drivers License, it's good to have an additional ID to your passport which is best to keep in your vacation rental's safe.
  • Camera (digital, Go Pro or disposable - waterproof best), cables, memory card.
  • Cell Phone with device charging cords (110 power). Download WhatsApp to communicate with those at home for free. Check with your carrier for other
  • international charges.
  • Sunglasses and a hat for sun protection.
  • Comfortable shoes: Sandals, aqua socks, or old tennis shoes that can get wet/dirty.
  • Comfortable casual clothes: Shorts and shirts, skirts, or sundresses in natural fabrics work best for late spring through early fall. Lightweight pants or dresses, a jacket or sweater if you're visiting from November - March, evening breezes can be chilly.
  • Indispensable prescription medication and necessary spices or foods should you have special dietary needs. Prescription medication must be in its original container.
  • Swimsuit. This is a family destination so unfortunately, skinny dipping is a no go.  

Should you have any further questions about items you may or may not need be sure to reach out to our team and we'll gladly help you find the answers you need.